Atavita eggplant

Eggplant is the third product added to the productions of Atavita Greenhouse. After cultivating tomato and bell pepper and in order to complete our product portfolio, now with the same precisions in producing greenhouse products, eggplant is in the display window of Atavita’s products.

The first Atavita eggplants cultivated in the greenhouse complex of Aras Tarla Amin, were harvested in October-November 2020, then, packaged and released to the domestic and foreign markets.

Like the previous products, the standards of production were observed for this product as well. Thus, the best hybrid seeds imported from Europe are used for their production. The seed of this plant is purchased annually and it enjoys the best and most up-to-date quality of eggplant seeds in the world.

What are the Properties of Atavita Eggplant?

Preserves Its Natural Properties


The quality of this product is incomparable to any other similar greenhouse products in Iran. The type of seed of this plant, its breeding, maintenance, and growth are carried out through the Hydroponic method, which results in producing one of the healthiest greenhouse products together with preserving its natural properties.


A Healthy Product Free of any Agricultural Poisons


The least amount of chemical fertilizers and poisons are used in producing Atavita eggplant. Since first, a Hydroponic‌ greenhouse is a controlled space and there are no pests and pollutions caused by the soil. Second, in Hydroponic‌ cultivation, plant nutrition is adjusted to its required amount.


Preserving Freshness, Odor, & Taste


The odor, taste, and quality of Atavita eggplant are the best in comparison to other similar products. Aside from the quality and special types (variety) of the seed, the maintenance conditions, packaging, and transportation of this product have a considerable impact on preserving the freshness of the product until delivered to the customers.

Atavita eggplant is supplied in a variety of packaging.

Origin of Eggplant

Eggplant is an edible plant from the family of Solanaceae, a native plant of India, and was first dispersed from Asia to the other parts of the world. Nowadays, this plant is cultivated in all regions with tropical and semi-tropical climates.

There are three types of eggplants in Iran including long eggplant, sweet eggplant, and regular eggplant. The purple skin of some eggplants is due to a substance called Anthocyanins. There are other colors of eggplant such as white, red-purple, and dark purple.

Atavita eggplant is in the category of regular purple. In accordance with the latest statistics, up to 2016, Iran was among the Top 5 eggplant producers in the world.

Eggplant Properties

Raw eggplant contains 92 percent water, 6 percent carbohydrates, 1 percent protein, and a slight amount of fat. This delicious plant is included in the category of healthy food on account of its low Calories and large size.

This plant provides a small amount of the necessary nutrients of the body and merely contains an average amount of the body’s daily manganese requirement.


Eggplant Consumption


You can find eggplant in many recipes and it is a widely used plant. Like the tomato, the eggplant flesh is smooth and contains numerous seeds and its skin can be consumed as well.

Eggplant can be cooked in various ways such as frying, grilling, barbecue, baked on the stove, and the stuffed eggplant can be in various foods, stews, and pickles as well.

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