Atavita has started exporting dried tomatoes

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“Dried Tomatoes,” a new product on world markets


Following successful experiences in exporting fresh agricultural products, the Atavita Company recently has entered the export market for a different product, dried tomatoes, processed from tomatoes grown in its modern greenhouses.

This product has greater added value than raw agricultural products and will earn more foreign currency for Iran.

Export is the first step Atavita has taken in achieving this goal and soon our fresh and processed products will also be offered on the domestic market.


Iran’s small share of dried tomatoes export market


As in many agricultural products and industries related to them, the most important exporter of dried tomatoes in the region is Turkey whereas Iran, that produces a substantial amount of tomatoes, has no share in the export of this valuable product to the world markets.

There have been many periods during which the amount of imported dried tomatoes has exceeded the quantity produced domestically. In addition, in various years there have been disturbing news that the farmers in southern Iran cannot find buyers for their tomato crop.

Selling crude oil is not a very attractive option and similarly there must be added value in exporting agricultural products for their prices to increase and their production to become more profitable.

Consequently, considering the attractiveness of the global market for dried tomatoes, the Atavita Company decided to add a new product to its basket of exported agricultural products: dried tomatoes.

صادرات گوجه خشک آتاویتا

Quality is our strong point


The quantity of the produced crop, the quality of the raw materials, and the drying method are highly important in the dried tomatoes market and can help to enjoy a greater share of the global market. Any shortcoming in these three items can lower the quality of the product and its popularity in the world.

The advantage that Atavita has is that it grows its required tomatoes in the modern hydroponic greenhouses belonging to the Aras Tarla Amin and Aras Tarla Amin Companies.

Therefore, the quality of the product is completely guaranteed , and its popularity in the world market will make it a successful product. Moreover, Atavita does not face any limitations in tomato production and can satisfy the demand of the market for dried tomatoes.

Superior product quality has always been an important principle in producing Atavita products. Most of the dried tomatoes produced in Iran and other countries are sun-dried.

Drying tomatoes in open fields in the sun is accompanied by many health hazards, it is not very desirable for exporting dried tomatoes, and the product is mainly used in the food manufacturing factories.

In Atavita, we use state-of-the-art technology to preserve the quality of our products. The Beef tomato used in producing our dried tomatoes is dried in sterilized dryers employing the hot air circulation, heating or microwave drying techniques.

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