History of Atavita



It started its activities in the field of exporting fruits and vegetables to CIS countries.



The idea of establishing a modern greenhouse and reaching the standards of the countries of the world



As an official production and export activity, Aras Tarla Amin also started its project.



After the successful and huge project of Tarla Amin, the implementation of Aras Tarla Amir project started.


Aras Tarla Amin greenhouse complex

Aras Tarla Amin company was established in 2014 and with detailed planning, the construction of the country's largest integrated hydroponic glass greenhouse complex in the Aras commercial and industrial free zone began in the same year. This project was designed using the technology and consulting of world-class companies in the field of creating greenhouse complexes. Necessary equipment and machinery were imported from the Netherlands and installed under the supervision of Dutch consultants. With the completion of executive operations in 1395, the company officially started its production and export activities. This project, by combining the most advanced technologies in the world, ideas and domestic capabilities, created a significant evolution in the country's greenhouse products production industry. The project of Aras Tarla Amin company is a glass greenhouse with a hydroponic cultivation system, in a land of 50 hectares and 30 hectares of greenhouse area. This greenhouse with direct employment of 400 people and an annual production capacity of 17,000 tons exports about 85% of its products such as bell peppers, eggplants and tomatoes.


Aras Tarla Amir greenhouse complex

After the huge and successful Aras Tarla Amin project, in 1396, the implementation of the Aras Tarla Amir project began. This glass greenhouse with modern technology and hydroponic cultivation was implemented in an area of 80 hectares and 57 hectares of greenhouse area in Aras Industrial Free Zone. Aras Tarla Amir Greenhouse has created employment for more than 700 people with an annual production capacity of about 26,000 tons and with annual export of up to 85% of production.


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