Atavita has started exporting dried tomatoes

“Dried Tomatoes,” a new product on world markets   Following successful experiences in exporting fresh agricultural products, the Atavita Company recently has entered the export market for a different product, dried tomatoes, processed from tomatoes grown in its modern greenhouses. This product has greater added value than raw agricultural products and will earn more foreign [...]

A memorandum of understanding signed for production of hybrid seeds

Aras Tarla Amir Company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Iranian Horticultural Research Institute for mass production of hybrid seeds in order to achieve technological-based improvement of crops, reduce the need for imports, and cut down the cost of purchasing these seeds. This memorandum of understanding was signed on July 28, 2020, between [...]

Conclusion of a contract between Aras Tarla Amir Company and IRIPP

Conclusion of a contract between Aras Tarla Amir Company and IRIPP to transfer know-how for mass production of Macrolophus pygmaeus (Rambur): Biocontrol methods are good alternatives to reduce the use of toxins and chemical pesticides in greenhouses. Macrolophus pygmaeus (Rambur) plays a major role in integrated pest management programs, especially Aras Tarla Amir greenhouse pests. [...]

President Orders Launch of Aras Tarla Amir Glass Greenhouse Complex

Aras Tarla Amir Glass Greenhouse Complex (hydroponics) was inaugurated by the President’s order in a video conference session on September 10, 2020. At the online inauguration of this complex, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, said: “Today, one of the largest greenhouse projects in the Middle East was launched in Aras Free Trade-Industrial Zone (AFZ). [...]

Atavita’s ISO Certificates

Atavita’s ISO Certificates: Aras Tarla Amir Company and Aras Tarla Amin Company, as the owners of Atavita brand and a producer and exporter of the best greenhouse products in Iran, have managed to obtain the certificates of ISO 22000 (2018), ISO 9001 (2015), ISO 14001 (2015), and ISO 45001 (2018). These certificates honor Atavita’s achievements [...]

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