Bell peppers are in green, yellow, red, and orange colors.

Atavita bell pepper is a healthy product.

It is free of any pesticide or fertilizer. Russia is one of the countries with strict foodstuff standards. Atavita has been able to meet these standards, export its products to this country, and find a good position in Russian vegetable markets.

Atavita bell pepper has a long shelf life.

Atavita bell pepper has a much longer shelf life than other similar domestic products due to the use of improved foreign seeds and suitable growing conditions in modern greenhouses.

Atavita bell pepper has natural smell and taste.

Although greenhouse crops have recently been known as products without flavor or taste, Atavita products satisfy consumers’ expectations by their natural flavor and taste distinct from similar products.

Bell pepper uses

Bell pepper, once a native plant of Central America, is now grown and consumed all over the world. It is not very hot and is known as sweet pepper is in some countries.

Bell pepper is a delicious vegetable with distinct flavor and taste in various colors. It has found its place in Persian cuisine and is used in the recipes of many dishes.

Bell Pepper is a major ingredient of a delicious and popular dish “Bell Pepper Dolma” in Iran.

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