Atavita's mission and motto is to protect the environment

Producing healthy food is the mission and motto of Atavita Group. Atavita's ultimate goals are to produce healthy products, create added value and provide employment in the agricultural industry. Preservation of the environment and natural resources by using green technologies is another important mission of this collection.

Other missions of the Atavita brand collection

  • Expanding greenhouses and achieving continuous production throughout the year to maintain export markets

  • Expanding the export of manufactured products in order to develop non-oil exports and earn foreign currency for the country

  • Distribution of more than 15% of the products inside the country

  • Production of the least amount of waste and waste

  • Increasing water efficiency as much as possible by using water circulation cycle system

  • Use of recyclable packaging

  • The production pattern using the lowest amount of poisons and chemical fertilizers, even less than the standard

  • Production of the lowest amount of greenhouse gases


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