Dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes

“Dried tomatoes” is the first processed product of the massive Aras Tarla Amir greenhouse complex that is offered to the world market at present. After several successful experiences in producing high quality products for the global market, we embarked on a new adventure by producing a processed product using Beef tomato grown in our greenhouses. This allows us to capture a share of the world market for this product and change the palate of our domestic customers a little with our new product.

گوجه خشک آتاویتا

A little beyond the usual taste

Italian foods are international favorites and hence producing crops used in preparing these foods is a thriving business. If you like Italian foods, we suggest that you try Atavita dried tomatoes in preparing them.

Dried tomato differs from fresh ones in texture and taste and can be kept for a longer time. This product has an exceptional flavor in salad, pasta, sandwiches, pizza and even as a tasty snack.

Atavita dried tomatoes are not so dry as to become brittle and have a rubbery and flexible texture. They can be bent by hand.

گوجه فرنگی خشک آتاویتا

Delicious Italian dishes

You can also prepare very tasty pasta using dried tomato. Dried tomatoes have a stronger taste compared to fresh ones. In addition to their different flavor, home-made dried tomatoes do not contain preservatives and hence are better than the industrial types. If you are worried they may go bad or get moldy, which is probable as they do not contain preservatives, freeze them in freezer bags. Immersing them in olive oil and keeping them in the refrigerator also allow you to keep them for a longer time.

If you love Italian foods, you know that dried tomatoes feature prominently in many Italian recipes and influence their flavor and texture.
Generally, tomatoes were salted and dried to keep them for a longer them. Salting them and evaporating their moisture, as in the case of other foods, considerably delays their decomposition and decay.
Drying ripe tomatoes allows you to enjoy them differently and prepare a valuable food material for winter when it is hard or impossible to find fresh produce.

History of dried tomatoes

It is not clear when dried tomatoes were used for the first time. It seems that the Italians used to dry their tomatoes on rooftops during the summer. Sun-dried tomato became very popular in the United States from the late 1980s to the early 1990s so that they were used along with other foods and macaroni salad.

Mineral content

Dried tomato is an excellent source of minerals, especially potassium and magnesium. Potassium helps the nerves and regulates the balance of the electrolytes in the body.

Magnesium keeps the bones healthy and helps energy production. One glass of dried tomatoes contains 105 milligrams of potassium and 1850 milligrams of potassium satisfying 39% of your recommended daily intake.

Consumption of sun-dried tomatoes also increases iron, manganese, copper and phosphorus absorption.

Calories and nutrients

Dried tomato contains 140 calories per cup on average, or 7% of the calories in a 2000-calorie diet. Each cup has 30 grams of hydrocarbons and 6.6 grams dietary fiber.

This fiber improves your digestive system health and makes you feel full. One cup of dried tomatoes also contains 7.6 grams of proteins and 1.6 grams of fat.

At present, Atavita offers very high-quality dried tomato produced from Beef tomato grown using the hydroponic method and the most modern drying and packaging techniques only to the export markets. We hope to play a role in culture-building and changing the palate of our fellow Iranians in using this best flavored and nutritious food material by offering it to the domestic market.


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